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Looking for 'THE ONE'

Male (46) looking for Female Smyrna, Georgia, United States

am a Humanist, a fire breathing liberal, A Political and Social Progressive, A Poet and Essayist, An Avid Collector of Good Music, Books, and Films. I thrive on challenge, and have often found living life on principles a real battle, one which I often find myself relying on my own personal reservoir of strength, intelligence, and courage to surmount. I believe in being totally honest, true to oneself and to one's vision and convictions, even if that means standing alone. Honesty, integrity, personal honor, and authenticity are my 'gods'. I have a sensible and realistic outlook on life and my two feet planted firmly on the ground [although I may, on rare occasions, seem to have my head in the clouds]. I am very consistent and am gifted with great powers of endurance. Though I have been told that I possess a gentle, even soft, nature, I can be enormously strong-willed and stubborn. I can be coaxed and persuaded by charm, beauty, love, truth or affection - but I can never ever be forced by ANYONE. I rarely resort to fighting. I just will not cooperate with anything that I passionately disagree with and will not be pushed into anything before I feel certain about it. I am both a sensual hedonist and a true heart felt romantic as well as being a bitterly disillusioned and brooding loner yet a true champion of the human spirit [Go Figure]. I Love both Red and White Wine, Impressionist Art, Russian Literature, Stimulating Debate & Conversation, Ray Charles', Sam Cooke's, Marvin Gaye's, Bobby Darin's and Ella Fitzgerald's voices wrapped around almost any lyric, Dinning Out, Going To Concerts, Young Ladies, Sweet Romance, Soft Kisses, Hot Hard Sex, and the very thought of 'Making Sweet Love'. Cuddling [either with a hot girl or a good book]. I Love both the Beach and the Mountains equally. I Love gentle Spring showers, cool Summer breezes and the color of leaves in the Autumn. I like Sail Boats, and Light Houses. I love Sunsets. I like the reflection of moon on the ocean at night. I Love Mountain Views. I Love Classical Music, Jazz, Soul, Blues, and R&B Music. I also love Calypso, Salsa, Mambo, the Bossa Nova and Spanish Guitar Music, the sound of pure joy in a child's laughter, gentle rain on the rooftop and birds singing before the break of dawn. I love Star Gazing, Singing in the Shower and Humphrey Bogart Movies. I Like Sunsets more than I Like Sunrises. I Love the feel of a woman's hair after it has been washed and the scent that a woman has after bathing. I love to Travel, Water Ski, Sail and Hot Air Balloon. I plan to learn how to Scuba Dive, Ski Glide and Fly an Airplane and I want to try Sky Diving [at least once]. I Enjoy Oratory, History, Post-Aristotelian Logic and I Love Confucian Wisdom, Eastern Art, Tai Chi, Blackberry Sage Tea, Lemons, 'Bit-O-Honey' Candy Bars, the pursuit of Intellectual, Cultural and Ethical growth, Museums, Libraries, Bookstores, Beautiful Poetry, Eloquent Prose and Inspiring Speeches; although I am learning the value of diplomacy I will always try to boldly speak the truth as I understand it. I can be easily provoked to action by those who are cruel, stupid, judgmental or intolerant. I dislike Sleeping Alone, Cigarette Smoke, Hypocrites, Dishonesty, Religious Dogmas, Delusions and Superstitions, Deceitful, Fickle, Spiteful, or Bitter Women, Hateful and Violent Men, Obtuseness, Arrogance, Narcotics, War Profiteers, Enviomental and Human Exploiters as well as National, Racial and Religious Bigots. I truly admire those who are reasonable, open minded, talented, intelligent, creative, compassionate, honest, courageous, kind, keep their word and to the integrity of their convictions, and who champion both Honest Rational Inquiry and Human Dignity everywhere. Like Thomas Paine I believe that 'Every Good Man is my brother, The Entire World is My Country and to do what is right is my only Religion'. My greatest hopes are both to soon find a girl who will justly make me fully believe in love again and to find myself truly living up to my own credo that this one brief life - of which we are certain - should be lived to the very fullest.

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